About Us

In 2012, a group of friends who were business owners in their own right got together gather their experiences and expertise on exceptional products they would want for their personal and business use.

Thus 3D Premium (M) was incorporated as a platform to deliver such products.

They embarked to earnestly discover products from abroad and local that are unique and of high quality and above all, the products were tenable for all walks of life.

The first product introduced was Maxpider Car Mats which are patented 3-layer car mats designed to fit exactly onto any car available in the market.

Maxpider Marketing is constantly monitoring market needs and are in the process of developing more products of diversity and distinctive in nature.

our vision

To explore, strive, innovate and develop outstanding products of everyday use.

our mission

To be at the forefront of premium product excellence for all masses of people.


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